Susan McKeown Rebroadcast, Kate & Anna McGarrigle Rebroadcast

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 20, 2002
Hour 1: Susan McKeown (rebroadcast of June 12, 1999, program)

1.) Johnny Cunningham, "Two Is the Beginning of the End," Peter and Wendy, 4:43 Alula

2.) Johnny Cunningham & Susan McKeown, "The Crocodile Tango," Peter and Wendy, 3:30 Alula

3.) Susan McKeown & The Chanting House, "I Know, I Know," Bones, 4:41 1-800-Prime CD

4.) Susan McKeown & The Chanting House, "Snakes," Bones, 5:47 1-800-Prime CD

5.) Susan McKeown, "A Mhaire Bhruinneall," Bushes and Briars, 2:02 Alula

6.) Susan McKeown & Lindsay Horner, "Auld Lang Syne," Through the Bitter Frost and Snow, 3:37 1-800-Prime CD

7.) Susan McKeown & Lindsay Horner, "I Sing of a Maiden," Through the Bitter Frost and Snow, 2:04 1-800-Prime CD

8.) Susan McKeown, "H-O Abhainn," Bushes and Briars, 3:55 Alula

9.) Susan McKeown, "After Aughrim," Bushes and Briars, 4:56 Alula

10.) Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan, & Robin Spielberg, "Seothin Seo h-O," Mothers, 4:39 North Star Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 20, 2002
Hour 2: The McGarrigle Hour: Music and Conversation with Kate and Anne McGarrigle (rebroadcast of January 23, 1999, program)

Segment #1
Music: "Porte En Arriere," The McGarrigle Hour, 3:03 Hannibal/Rykodisc

Segment #2
Music: "Dig My Grave," The McGarrigle Hour, 2:37 Hannibal/Rykodisc

Segment #3
Music: "Heart Like a Wheel," Kate and Anna McGarrigle, 3:09 Warner Bros.

Segment #4
Music: "Swimming Song," Kate and Anna McGarrigle, 2:26 Warner Bros.

Segment #5
Music: "Dancer with Bruised Knees," Dancer with Bruised Knees, 3:46 Warner Bros.

Segment #6
Music: "En Filant Ma Quenouille," The French Record, 2:00 Hannibal Records

Segment #7
Music: "Excursion a Venise," The French Record, 4:26 Hannibal Records

Segment #8
Music: "Heartburn," The McGarrigle Hour, 2:26 Hannibal/Rykodisc

Segment #9
Music: "Heartbeats Accelerating," Heartbeats Accelerating, 3:38 Private Music

Segment #10
Music: "Goin' Back to Harlan," Matapedia, 4:58 Hannibal/Rykodisc

Segment #11
Music: "Goodnight Sweetheart," The McGarrigle Hour, 2:08 Hannibal/Rykodisc