All-Vinyl Special for Summer 2002

The program for July 6, 2002, was an all-vinyl retrospective, featuring worthwhile albums apparently no longer available in any form.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label, Date)
Maggie Boyle The Proud Man Reaching Out (Run River, 1987)
Le Chéile Lord Mayo / The Green Groves of Erin Lord Mayo (Inchecronin, 1979)
Alan Roberts & Dougie MacLean Johnny Teasie Weasle Caledonia (Plant Life, 1978)
General Humbert The Flogging Reel / Father Kelly / Bucks of Oranmore General Humbert (Dolphin, 1975)
Gay and Terry Woods Second Hand Sale Backwoods (Polydor, 1975)
New Set
Danny McGinley In Our Time In Our Time (Bunnan Bui, 1985)
Robin Williamson Erskine's Lament / Borry Royall / Bulalow / Ye Gods of Love Legacy of the Scottish Harpers, vol. 2 (Flying Fish, 1986)
Music Under Announcements
John James Wormwood Tangle, Stranger in the World Head in the Clouds (Transatlantic, 1975)
Nic Jones The Singer's Request, Some Say the Devil's Dead From the Devil to a Stranger (Highway, 1978)
Bandoggs The Tailor in the Tea-Chest / Astley's Ride / Up and Away Bandoggs (Transatlantic, 1978)
New Set
Pentangle No Love Is Sorrow Solomon's Seal (Reprise, 1972)
Anonyma (Anne Lister, Mary McLaughlin) Stone Circles Burnt Feathers* (Fellside, 1987)
Allan Taylor Roll on the Day Roll on the Day (Rubber, 1980)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label, Date)
Holly Tannen A Strange Affair Invocation (Kicking Mule, 1983)
Hedgehog Pie Ramble Away Just Act Normal (Rubber, 1978)
The Champion String Band Man of the House / The Humours of Old Knockaree / The Ivy Leaf / Nora O'Neill's The Champion String Band (Black Crow, 1981)
Whippersnapper Romanitza Tsubo (Varrick, 1987)
Eclectricity Only Me Behind Eclectricity (Redbud, 1980)
New Set
Trapezoid Sailing Alone Another Country (Flying Fish, 1982)
Judy Mayhan See Here Judy Mayhan (Decca, 1971)
Andrew Calhoun The Living and the Breathing Wind Water Street (Hogeye, 1982)
New Set
The Holy Modal Rounders Mobile Line The Moray Eels Eat... (Elektra, 1968)
Ralph McTell Spiral Staircase Spiral Staircase (Transatlantic, 1969)
Bob & Carol Pegg Angeline He Came from the Mountains (Trailer, 1971)
New Set
Maggie Holland Icarus Still Pause (Rogue, 1983)

*Anne Lister may still have copies available of the Burnt Feathers LP.