World Harmony Chorus Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 8, 2002
KALW's On-Air Folk Festival

Members of the World Harmony Chorus were our guests, performing live in the KALW studios

1.) "Babethandaza" (African song)

2.) "Ajde Jano" (Serbian song)

3.) "Tres Morillas" (Spanish song)

4.) "Mood Indigo" (Duke Ellington song)

5.) "Un Congo" (Cuban song)

6.) "Oy Da Nyi Vyecher" (Karelian folk song)

7.) "Juramento" (Cuban song)

Music by San Francisco Free Folk Festival performers

First set

Sylvia Herold, "Katie Cruel," A Bowl of Crystal Tears, 4:20

The Contrabandits, "Winds of Change/Grapevine Breakdown/Knepper's #3," Swinging on the Gate, 4:04

Second set

Elisa M. Welch, "Heel an Toe," The Wheel, 1:41

Tipsy House, "Dick Gossip/Glass of Beer/Pick of the Litter," Swinging on the Gate, 3:53


Marisa Malvino, "These Hands," The Pink House, 5:00