Borderlands: Scottish/English, U.S./Mexican

We called the program for April 13, 2002, "Borderlands," music from the Scottish/English and U.S./Mexican borders with a feeling for their histories.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Tarras Rising Rising (Rounder)
Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical Border Widow's Lament Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical (Park)
Maddy Prior Dacre's Gone to War Fyre & Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers (Fellside)
Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical Sevens Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical (Park)
New Set
Janet Russell & Linda Adams The Twa Corbies Fyre & Sworde (Fellside)
Steve Tilston The Dowie Dens of Yarrow And So It Goes... (Hubris)
Anthony Robb & Geoff Purvis Madame Bonaparte Spirit of the Border: Northumbrian Traditional Music (Nimbus)
Music Under Announcements
Kathryn Tickell Stories from the Debateable Lands Debateable Lands (Park)
Robin Williamson Hughie the Graham A Job of Journey Work (Pig's Whisker Music)
The High Level Ranters The Russe/The Winshield's Hornpipe/Jane's Fancy/Da Road to Houll Northumberland Rant (Smithsonian Folkways)
Mike Tickell Willie's Away tae Jeddart Warksburn (Black Crow)
Janet Russell Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight Fyre & Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers (Fellside)
New Set
Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical The Maisters Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical (Park)
Dick Gaughan Both Sides the Tweed Handful of Earth (Topic)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Tom Russell California Snow Borderland (Hightone)
The Mollys Rosie Moon over the Interstate (Apolkalips Now)
The Molinas Old Man Rooster Borderlands: from Conjunto to Chicken Scratch (Smithsonian Folkways)
Los Tigres del Norte Carne Quemada Jefe de Jefes (Fonovisa)
Chalino Sánchez El Crimen de Culiacán Corridos y Narcocorridos (Fonovisa)
New Set
Los Tigres del Norte Somos Más Americanos Uniendo Fronteras (Fonovisa)
Richard Shindell Fishing Blue Divide (Shanachie)
Lila Downs Sale Sobrando Border/La Línea (Narada)
Quetzal 20 Pesos Sing the Real (Vanguard)
New Set
Bruce Springsteen Sinaloa Cowboys The Ghost of Tom Joad (Columbia)
Tom Russell The Gardens The Rose of the San Joaquin (Hightone)
Lila Downs La Llorona Border/La Línea (Narada)
Quetzal Jarocho Elegua Sing the Real (Vanguard)
New Set
Deli Selim & Kadir Ürün Yağmur Yağdi Edirne Romanları (Kalan)