Randal Bays and Roger Landes Live, Buttons & Bows

The program for March 9, 2002, was one of an occasional series called "Buttons and Bows," fiddle and accordion/concertina music. The first hour, however, featured live music by fiddler and guitarist Randal Bays and bouzouki player Roger Landes.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Randal Bays East at Glendart/The King of the Pipers The Salmon's Leap (Foxglove)
Randal Bays & Roger Landes Jigs: Down the Back Lane/The Goat in the Green/Come along with Me  (live)
Randal Bays & Roger Landes Reels: Denney's Goat (?), Father Kelly's Reel  (live)
Roger Landes A Barrel of Knives Dragon Reels (Dorian)
Randal Bays & Roger Landes A Crubach (?)  (live)
Randal Bays & Roger Landes The Humours of Tanagh (?)/It's Tough Parking in San Francisco  (live)
Randal Bays Bill McEvoy's Reel/Maids of Mt. Kisco The Salmon's Leap (Foxglove)
John Williams John Brody's/The Hawk from Dundalk, Paddy Canny's Toast/Paddy Fahy's Steam (Green Linnet)
Music Under Announcements
Sharon Shannon Glentown, The Marguerita Suite Sharon Shannon (Solid)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
John Williams Tuamgrainey Castle/The Peterswell Hornpipe Steam (Green Linnet)
Tony MacMahon Toss the Feathers MacMahon from Clare (MacMahon Music)
Noel Hill and Tony Linnane Scotsman over the Border/Tom Billy's Jig Noel Hill and Tony Linnane (Tara)
Josephine Marsh Lad O'Beirn/Phyllis' Birthday Josephine Marsh (s/p)
New Set
John Kirkpatrick The Bold Keeper Mazurka Berserker (Fledg'ling)
Chris Coe Yon Green Valley A Wiser Fool (Backshift Music)
Rod Stradling The Sportsman's Hornpipe Rhythms of the Wold (Green Linnet)
Swåp Ms. Mona Dalziel/Conor Tully's [sic] (NorthSide)
Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlbäck Renden (Stripe) Airbow (NorthSide)
New Set
Alicia Svigals Shver un Shviger (Dance for the Parents of the Bride) Fidl (Traditional Crossroads)
Rahman Asadollahi Su Sapmishham Ana (7/8 Music)
New Set
Al Berard and Errol Verret J'ai Passe Devant la Port Planet Squeezebox (Ellipsis Arts...)