Pete Coe Live, Australian Gems with Lynn King

The first hour for February 9, 2002, featured live music by Pete Coe, who has been performing traditional and original English music solo and together with Chris Coe and such groups and Bandoggs and the New Victory Band for the last thirty years:

"Kings and Queens of England"

"None So Steady"

"Joseph Baker"

"Tunes and Feet"

"Bring the New Year In," Long Company, Backshift

Chris Coe, "Hind Horn," A Wiser Fool, Backshift

Under the Announcements: Pete Coe, "Bill Hall's No. 1 and No. 2," "East Bolden/Ann Frazer Mackenzie," Long Company, Backshift

Beginning around 4 o'clock, we were treated to some rare gems of Australian music by special guest Lynne King.

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