Across the Great Divide, KPFA, Late 2001

Across the Great Divide Playlist
December 30, 2001
Hour 1: Time

First set

Kate Wolf, "Across the Great Divide," Close to You, 4:04 Kaleidoscope Records

Neil Young, "Sugar Mountain," Decade, 5:40 Reprise

Tom Chapin, "Cat's in the Cradle," Join the Jubilee, 4:02 Gadfly Records

Sandy Denny, "Who Knows Where the Time Goes," Unhalfbricking, 5:05 A&M

Second set

Joni Mitchell, "Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody," Wild Things Run Fast, 5:17 Geffen Records

Sandy Denny, "Moments," The Attic Tracks 1972–1984, 3:39 Raven

Phil Ochs, "Changes," Phil Ochs in Concert, 4:40 Elektra

Third set

John McCuthcheon, "Water from Another Time," Water from Another Time, 3:09 Rounder

Cheryl Wheeler, "75 Septembers," Driving Home, 4:04 Philo/Rounder

Wishing Chair, "The Ghost of Will Harbut," The Ghost of Will Harbut, 5:10 Terrakin


Eva Cassidy, "Time After Time," Time After Time, 3:54 Blix Street/Gifthorse

Across the Great Divide Playlist
December 30, 2001
Hour 2: Darkness, Darkness

First set

Atlantica PSA #1 (produced by Paul di Rienza at WBAI) 1:30

Neil Young, "Walk On," On the Beach, 2:40 Reprise

Rebecca Riots, "Rattle the Cage," Rose Street Raw, 3:37 Rose Street Productions

Second set

Don Conoscenti, "Vigilante Man," Paradox of Grace, 5:47 Desert Music

Bruce Springsteen, "Youngstown," The Ghost of Tom Joad, 3:52 Columbia

Richard Shindell, "Darkness Darkness," Reunion Hill, 3:56 Shanachie

Third set

Peter Mulvey, "Sign o' the Times," Goodbye Bob, 2:47 Eastern Front Records

Bruce Cockburn, "Soul of a Man," Nothing but a Burning Light, 3:52 Columbia

Atlantica PSA #2 (produced by Paul de Rienza at WBAI) 1:30

John Gorka, "Raven in the Storm," Land of the Bottom Line, 3:16 Windham Hill

Tom Waits, "Clap Hands," Beautiful Maladies, 3:45 Island

Toto La Momposina, "Mohana," Men with Guns, 3:46 Ryko

Fourth set

Duo Guardabarranco, "Guerrero del Amor/Warrior of Love," Si Buscabas, 3:35 Redwood Records

Jackson Browne & Joan Baez, "Guantanamera," If I Had a Song....The Songs of Pete Seeger, 6:33 Appleseed


Alex Chilton, "Guantan Amerika," Best of Mountain Stage, volume three, 3:06 Blue Plate Music