Maddy Prior Rebroadcast

Folk Music & Beyond
First Hour: Playlist for interview originally broadcast November 26, 1994 and rebroadcast November 10, 2001
Maddy Prior, Part 1

Segment #1 2:05
Q-"it took as long to make as it did to sing it."
Music: Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, "Sorry the Day I Was Married," Summer Solstice, 1:24 B&C Recordings
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, "My Son John," Folk Songs of Old England, volume 2, 1:27 B&C Recordings

Segment #2 1:52
Q- "And that's what we did."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Twa Corbies," Hark! The Village Wait, 2:07 Shanachie Records

Segment #3 3:50 (start music at 3:26)
Q- "had a preference, you know, for one or the other."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Sligo Maid," Rocket Cottage, 4:05 Chryslis Records

Segment #4 2:45
Q- "There isn't a better song about that problem."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Blackleg Miners," Hark! The Village Wait, 2:45 Shanachie Records

Segment #5 3:59
Q- "So we have the three different elements coming in."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Rosebud in June," Below the Salt, 3:36 Chrysalis Records

Segment #6 2:24
Q- "Through this music that we find so interesting."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Rogues in a Nation," Parcel of Rogues, 4:25 Chrysalis Records

Segment #7 1:32 (start music at 1:15)
Q- "you get new ideas about them as you sing."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Alison Gross," Parcel of Rogues, 5:20 Chrysalis Records

Segment #8 3:12
Q- "it was in that area."
Music: Steeleye Span, "The King," Please to See the King, 1:25 Chrysalis Records
Steeleye Span, "Hunting the Wren," Recollections, 2:47 Chrysalis Records

Segment #9 3:05 (start music at 2:41)
Q- "were marked by these not-kind-of Christian traditions at all."
Music: Steeleye Span, "Gower Wassail," Ten Man Mop or Mr. Resevoir Butler Rides Again, 5:24 Chrysalis Records
Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band, "My Dancing Day," Carols & Capers, 2:30 Park Records

Folk Music & Beyond
Second Hour: Playlist for interview originally broadcast December 3, 1994
Maddy Prior, Part 2

Segment #1 1:50
Music: Steeleye Span, "Gaudete," Below the Salt, 2:21 Chrysalis Records

Segment #2 :58
Music: Steeleye Span, "The Wife of Ushers Well," All Around My Hat, 4:28 Chrysalis Records

Segment #3 1:31
Music: Steeleye Span, "Awake, Awake," Storm Force Ten, 5:02 Chrysalis Records

Segment #4 2:50
Music: Maddy Prior, "Cold Flame," Woman in the Wings, 3:37 Takoma Records

Segment #5 1:17
Music: Maddy Prior, "Snowdrop/Birth," Year, 2:47 Park Records (quick fade before the end)

Segment #6 1:24
Music: Maddy Prior, "Gutter Geese," Woman in the Wings, 3:22 Takoma Records

Segment #7 1:25
Music: Maddy Prior, "Marigold/Harvest Home," Year, 4:06 Park Records

Segment #8 1:00
Music: Maddy Prior, "The Fabled Hare," Year, 11:43 Park Records

Segment #9 3:30
Music: June Tabor & Maddy Prior, "Cakes and Ales," No More to the Dance, 1:56 Shanachie Records

Segment #10 2:16
Music: Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band, "The Boarshead Carol," Carols & Capers 3:06 Park Records

Segment #11 1:16
Music: Maddy Prior, "Deep in the Darkest Night," Year, 3:53 Park Records