Robin Huw Bowen Live, Labor Day 2001

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1, 2001
Hour 1: Robin Huw Bowen Live

1.) "The Lamb's Fold Veil"

2.) "Snowdon's Bold Treeless Summit"

3.) Crasdant, "Y Crefftwr" (The Craftsman's Tune), Not Yet Saturday, 3:37 Sain

4.) "Early Morning/Wood Pigeon's Love Song"

5.) "Rexon Hornpipe/Swansee Hornpipe"

6.) "The Ash Grove"

7.) Crasdant, "Tatws Penfro" (Pembroke Spuds), Not Yet Saturday, 4:44 Sain

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1st
Hour 2: Labor Day

First set

Andy Irvine, "Gladiators," Way Out Yonder, 6:30 Appleseed

John McCutcheon, "Crazy or Courageous," Storied Ground, 3:05 Rounder

Pat Humphries, "Hands," Hands, 5:45 Appleseed

Second set

John McCutcheon, "Two Foot Seam," Storied Ground, 2:49 Rounder

Solas, "A Miner's Life," The Hour Before Dawn, 4:49 Shanachie

Rosalie Sorrels, "Aunt Molly Jackson Defines Folk Songs Once and for All," The Long Memory, 2:47 Red House Records

Roy Bailey, "The Testimony of Patience Kershaw," If I Knew Who the Enemy Was, 3:22 Fuse Records

John Doyle, "Blue Diamond Mines," Evening Comes Early, 4:31 Shanachie

Frankie Armstrong, "Millworker," I Hear a Woman Singing, 3:04 Flying Fish

Laurie Lewis, "The Mill," True Stories, 2:28 Rounder

Third set

Roy Bailey & Leon Rosselson, "You Noble Diggers All," Harry's Gone Fishing, 4:48 Gadfly

Clan Alba, "No Gonnae Leave Here," Clan Alba, 5:21 (self- produced)

Brian Peters, "The Price of a Pig/Troy's Wedding/The Sound of Sleat," The Moving Moon, 3:19 Gaho Music