John McCormick Live, Summer 2001

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for Saturday, August 18, 2001
Hour 1: John McCormick Live

1.) "Bright New Year" (Bert Jansch)

2.) "Tide and the River Rising" (Cindy Kallet)

3.) "Fair Anna" (John McCormick)

4.) "The King of California" (Dave Alvin)

5.) "Lindsay" (Archie Fisher)

6.) "One Morning in May" (trad.)

7.) "When Two Hearts Combine" (Robin Laing)

Closing Set

John McCormick, "Kodak Ghosts," Mercury's Well, 4:05 Phantom Records

John McCormick, "Big Moose," Between Our Hearts, 2:32 Phantom Records

John McCormick, "The Fisherman," Mercury's Well, 3:25 Phantom Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for Saturday, August 18, 2001
Hour 2: Finger-Style Guitar

First set

Pierre Bensusan, "Heman Dubh," Musiques, 2:41 Windham Hill

John Renbourn & Bert Jansch, "Soho," Bert & John, 2:58 Transatlantic/Wooded Hill Recordings

John Renbourn, "Estampie," Traveler's Prayer, 5:14 Shanachie

Second set

Leo Kottke, "Stealing," Mudlark, 1:35 Takoma

Pat Kirtley, "Daisy Goes a Dancing," Guitar Fingerstyle, 2:27 Narada

Pierre Bensusan, "Suite: Flamande Aux Pommes," Solilai, 5:14 Rounder

Dan Ar Bras, "Puffin's Dance," Acoustic, 3:04 Keltia Musique

Third set

Michael Hedges, "Layover," Breakfast in the Field, 2:30 Windham Hill

Leo Kottke, "Standing in My Shoes," Mudlark, 3:06 Takoma

David Lindley, "Afindrafindrao," Out on the Rolling Sea, 2:16 Green Linnet

Ry Cooder, "We Shall Be Happy," Jazz, 3:13 Warner Bros.

Fourth set

Peppino D'Agostino, "Moving On," A Glimpse of Times Past, 3:23 Acoustic Music Records

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, "Djembe," LAGQ, 3:18 Sony Classical

Ali Farka Toure, "Biennal," Radio Mali, 5:09 Nonesuch

D'Gary, "Gofo Libre," Mbo Loza, 2:40 Indigo

John Fahey, "Lion," God, Time, and Causality, Shanachie