Remembering Mimi Fariña

The second hour of the program for July 28, 2001, was dedicated to the late Mimi Fariña, half of the famed duo Mimi & Richard Fariña and founder of Bread & Roses, an organization dedicated to bringing live music to people confined in institutions. The first hour featured some recent releases.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Robin Williamson The World The Seed-at-Zero (ECM)
Cristian Huet Marv Pontkallec Dulcimer Acoustique (s/p)
El McMeen The Mist-Covered Mountains of Home The Lea Rig (Piney Ridge Music)
John McCormick Tide and the River Rising Between Our Hearts (Phantom Records)
New Set
William Pint & Felicia Dale Bring 'Em Down White Horses (Waterbug)
Lintie Siuil a Run Lintie (s/p)
William Pint & Felicia Dale Cape Cod Girls White Horses (Waterbug)
Eoin Ó Riabhaigh Tomgraney Castle/Spelian the Fiddler Tiomnacht: Handed On (Gael-Linn)
Music Under Announcements
Halali Breton Tune #1/Breton #2/Sweet Bride Halali (s/p)
Hamish Moore & Dick Lee Third Movement of a Concerto for Bagpipe & Jazz Orchestra Farewell to Decorum (Greentrax)
The Easy Club The Easy Club Reel/Janine's Reel Scottish Rhythm & Swing (Greentrax)
Bag o' Cats Inverleith Park Out of the Bag (Greentrax)
New Set
Davy Steele Kishmul's Galley Chasing Shadows (Temple)
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley Orcadia/Orkneyites Skyran (Geosound)
Iain Strachan w/ Erik Knussen The American Wake Evelix (Walled Garden Music)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Richard & Mimi Fariña Children of Darkness Reflections in a Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
John Kay Bold Marauder Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes (Dunhill)
Richard & Mimi Fariña Raven Girl Reflections in a Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
New Set
Fred Neil Bleecker & MacDougal Bleecker & MacDougal (Elecktra)
Fred Neil Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga The Many Sides of... (Collector's Choice Music)
Richard & Mimi Fariña Dopico Reflections in a Crystal Wind (Vanguard)
Savina Yannatou Los Bilbilicos Spring in Salonika (Lyra)
Holly Tannen A Swallow Song Invocation (Kicking Mule)
New Set
Shusha Like the Snow Lovely in the Dances (Plant Life)
Mimi Fariña Old Woman Solo (Philo)
Buffy Saint-Marie Poppies Illuminations (Vanguard)
New Set
Pearls Before Swine These Things Too Constructive Melancholy: 30 Years of... (Birdman)
Mimi & Richard Fariña Tuilleries Celebrations for a Grey Day (Vanguard)