Music and Conversation with Altan

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 21, 2001
Hour 1: Music and Conversation with Altan

"Drowsy Maggie/Rakish Paddy/Harvest Storm," Harvest Storm, 3:01 Green Linnet Records

"The Brown Sailed Boat/The Maids of Tullyknockbrine," Ceol Aduaidh, 1:36 Green Linnet Records

"Si Do Mhaimeo I," Harvest Storm, 2:50 Green Linnet Records

"Tommy People's/The Windmill/Fenton McManus's," Island Angel, 3:14 Green Linnet Records

"Donal Argus Morag," Harvest Storm, 4:27 Green Linnet Records

"Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery/The Merry Harriers," The Red Crow, 2:55 Green Linnet Records

"An Feochan," Horse with a Heart, Green Linnet Records

"Island Angel," Island Angel, 3:40 Green Linnet Records

"Tune for Frankie," Blackwater, 3:25 Virgin Records

"Black Waterside," Blackwater, 3:39 Virgin Records

"Jug of Punch," Island Angel, 3:29 Green Linnet Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 21, 2001
Hour 2: Altan, Eileen Ivers, Natalie MacMaster, Peter Paul & Mary, and Erin Corday

First set

Altan, "Summer Will Come," Another Sky, 3:35 Narada

Altan, "Suil Ghorm," Runaway Sunday, 2:45 Narada

Eileen Ivers, "On Horseback," Wild Blue, 3:08 Green Linnet

Natalie MacMaster, "The Drunken Piper," No Boundaries, 4:07 Rounder

Peter, Paul, & Mary, "All My Trials," Songs of Conscience and Conviction, Warner Bros.

Interview with Erin Corday

"Didjago," Painted Door, 2:39 Waterbug Records

"Rockabye," Secret about the World, 3:40 Waterbug Records

"El Tigre," Painted Door, 4:25 Waterbug Records

"Fragil," Painted Door, 4:10 Waterbug Records

"As the Sun Goes Down," Secret about the World, 4:36 Waterbug Records