The Roots of Klezmer, Klezmermania!

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 18, 2000
Hour 1: The Roots of Klezmer

First set

De Dannan, "Taim I Mo Shui," Jacket of Batteries, 3:39 Harmac

Muzsikás, "Fly, Bird, Fly," The Prisoner's Song, 3:32 Hannibal

Planxty, "Baneasa's Green Blade/Mominsko," Cold Blow and the Rainy Night, 5:55 Shanachie

Second set

Talitha MacKenzie, "Hopa/Adje Jano," Spiorad, 5:26 Shanachie

Kaila Flexer, "Nenovsko Gruncharsco," Listen, 2:51 Compass

Brave Old World, "Wailing World," Blood Oranges, 6:42 Red House Records

Midway music

Davka, "Pardes," Davka, 4:16 Interworld Music

Third set

Ofra Haza, "Rachamim," A Jewish Odyssey, 3:31 Putumayo

Andy Statman, "Crossing the Bosphorus," The Hidden Light, 1:27 Sony Classical

Fortuna, "Dame Tu Fuerza," Women of Spirit, 2:11 Putumayo

Martine Habib, "A Fool Like Me," (single), 2:44 Rio Road

Wayne Horvitz & Robin Holcomb, "Mah L'kha Ha-yam Variation," Festival of Light 2, 3:34 Six Degrees

Fourth set

June Tabor, "Di Nakht," Aleyn, 4:46 Green Linnet

Margot Leverett, "Doina," The Art of Klezmer Clarinet, 1:19 Traditional Crossroads

Folk Music & Beyond for November 18, 2000
Hour 2: Klezmermania!

Kaila Flexer was our live guest; she joined us to talk about the 11th anniversary of Klezmermania happening on Saturday, November 25th at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley campus (2 performances: 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.); performers include the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Margot Leverett, and Kaila's new band Fieldharmonik.

First set

Don Byron, "Oi Tata," Festival of Light, 4:16 Six Degrees

The Klezmorim, "Di Zilberne Khasene," The Klezmorim, 1976–78, 3:17 Arhoolie Records

Second set

Margot Leverett, "Oi Tate S'iz Gut," The Art of Klezmer Clarinet, Traditional Crossroads

The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, "The Unholy Chazir," Fresh Out the Past, 4:59 Shanachie

Third set

The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, "Agadot," Agada, 5:23 Dorian

Klezmatics, "Ksidim Tants," Jews with Horns, 4:16 Xenophile

Fourth set

(A song by Iva Bittová, singer from Czechoslavakia)


The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars (a song from their first CD, Manichalfwitz, on the Gert Town label)