The Dance

The program for September 30, 2000, was on the theme of dances.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Mick Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell, and Seamus Egan Planxty Hugh O'Donnell 3-Way Street (Green Linnet)
De Dannan Sweet Forget-Me-Not Ballroom (Green Linnet)
Open House The Mascot/Collins' Jig Second Story (Green Linnet)
New Set
Matt Molloy Mrs. Kenny's Barndance Stony Steps (Green Linnet)
Moving Cloud The Dances at Kinvara/Peach Blossoms Moving Cloud (Green Linnet)
Susan McKeown The Hare's Lament Lowlands (Green Linnet)
Dervish The Dolphin, the Clapton Jigs The Boys of Sligo (Sound Records)
Jennifer Wrigley et al. The Fashion of the Lassies/St. Kilda's Wedding Birlin' Fiddles (Foot Stompin' Records)
Music Under Announcements
Dervish Eddie Kelly's Jigs, Unknown Reel/Return from Camden Town The Boys of Sligo (Sound Records)
Bob & Carol Pegg Lord of the Dance He Came from the Mountains (Trailer)
The Albion Dance Band Froggy's First Jump/Beetle in the Wine Shuffle Off (Spindrift)
Tiger Moth The Digital Watch Mothballs (Omnium)
New Set
Richard Thompson Waltzing's for Dreamers Amnesia (Capitol)
Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie Branle Gai/Valse des Petities Jeunes Filles Continental Drift (Flying Fish)
John Renbourn Circle Dance The Nine Maidens (Flying Fish)
John Renbourn Bransle Gay/Bransle de Bourgogne The Lady and the Unicorn (Flying Fish)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Tsufit Dance Me to the End of Love Under the Mediterranean Sky (s/p)
Erkan Oğur & Ismail H. Demircioglu Mecnunum Leylami Gördüm Gülün Kokusu Vardi (Kalan Music)
New Set
Erkan Oğur & Ismail H. Demircioglu Zahit Bizi Tan Eyleme Anadolu Besik (Kalan Music)
Erkan Oğur & Ismail H. Demircioglu Bugün Ben Bir Güzel Gördüm Gülün Kokusu Vardi (Kalan Music)
(unidentified) Taksim-Zeybekiko Saz (Kalan Music)
Ríta Abadzí Vre Mánges Dhió Stin Filakí 1933–1938 (Heritage)
New Set
The Klezmatics and Chava Albertstein Zayt Gezunt The Well (Xenophile)
Brave Old World The Dance (Doc's Bulgar) Blood Oranges (Red House)
New Set
Leon Rosselson (Chris Foster, Sianed Jones) All That Is Different Is Part of the Dance Intruders (Fuse Records)
Beausoleil Charivari L'Amour ou La Folie (Rhino)
Open House Merengue Second Story (Green Linnet)