Jack Gilder’s Picks, Summer 2000, Malvina Reynolds Tribute

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 26, 2000
Hour 1: Irish Music from Jack Gilder's Collection

First Song

Providence, "Barn Dances," Providence, Rolling River

First set

Pigtown Fling, "Sligo Maid/Dowd's #9/The Boys of Tulla," Pigtown Fling

Lia Luachra, "Curly Cue," Lia Luachra

Moher, "Bonnie Irish Maid," Over the Edge

Second set

Moher, "Bird in the Bush/Silver Spear/King of the Clans," Over the Edge

Jacqueline McCarthy, "Cheer Up Old Hag/Walsh's Favorite/The Yellow Wattle,", The Hidden Note, Maree Music

Grianan, "Thios Cois Na Tra," Maid of Eirin

Third set

Grianan, "Strathspey," Maid of Eirin

Calico, "Celanova Square," Celanova Square

Harry Bradley, "Lovely Molly/The Boys of Portaferry," Bad Turns and Horseshoe Bends

Fourth set

Jacqueline McCarthy, [uncertain], The Hidden Note, Maree Music

Garry Shannon, "Seriously Airy," Loozin' Air

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 26, 2000
Hour 2: Malvina Reynolds Tribute

  1. Nanci Griffith, "Turn Around," Other Voices, Other Rooms, 3:18 Elektra
  2. Pete Seeger, "Little Boxes," We Shall Overcome, 3:02 Columbia
  3. Malvina Reynolds, "The Little Red Hen," Ear to the Ground, 2:08 Smithsonian/Folkways
  4. Malvina Reynolds, "It Isn't Nice," Ear to the Ground, 2:19 Smithsonian/Folkways
  5. Malvina Reynolds, Rosalie Sorrels, "The Money Crop," No Closing Chord, 3:43 Red House Records
  6. Malvina Reynolds, Joan Baez, "What Have They Done to the Rain," Joan Baez in Concert, 2:26 Vanguard
  7. Malvina Reynolds, "The Judge Said," Ear to the Ground, 2:42 Smithsonian/Folkways
  8. Rosalie Sorrels, "On the Rim of the World," No Closing Chord, 2:48 Red House Records
  9. Malvina Reynolds, "Magic Penny," Ear to the Ground, 1:57 Smithsonian/Folkways
  10. Malvina Reynolds, "Bury Me in My Overalls," Ear to the Ground, 2:49 Smithsonian/Folkways
  11. Rosalie Sorrels, "No Closing Chord," No Closing Chord, 2:46 Red House Records