Bay Area Celtic and Immigrant Themes

The program for August 5, 2000, highlighted Celtic music in America and the Bay Area as well as immigrant themes.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Connie Dover The Blessing The Border of Heaven (Taylor Park Music)
Patrick Street The Holy Ground Live from Patrick Street (Green Linnet)
Solas Adieu Lovely Nancy Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers (Shanachie)
New Set
Fairport Convention Slip Jigs and Reels The Jewel in the Crown (Green Linnet)
Whirligig Wink Spin (1-800-Prime CD)
Laurence Nugent The Frost Is All Over/The Flowers of Spring/The Hag with the Money Traditional Irish Music on Flute and Tin-Whistle (Shanachie)
Music Under Announcements
Colcannon Throw the Beetle at Her/The Swaggering Jig/Tear It to Rags, Green Tea/The Blue Pantaloons/The Lovely Lassie Winking Corvus (Oxford Road Records)
Órla and the Gasmen The Musical Priest Minding Mice at the Crossroads (GasMen Music)
Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin & Patrick Ourceau Dever the Dancer & the Humors of Derrycrosane Tracin' (Celtic Crossings)
Skyedance The Iron Ring/The Boxwood Reel Labyrinth (Culburnie Records)
New Set
Colcannon Roberto Corvus Corvus (Oxford Road Records)
Kate Price Siúil a Rúin Deep Heart's Core (Omtown)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
R. Carlos Nakai Coyote Animus Earth Spirit (Canyon)
Connie Dover The Streets of Laredo/The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime The Border of Heaven (Taylor Park)
The Trail Band Immigrant Dreams Immigrant Dreams (s/p)
New Set
David Nigel Lloyd On the Trail of Tears How Like Ghosts Are We (Silk Purse Records)
The Mollys The Powers Brothers Only a Story (Apolkalips Now Music)
David Nigel Lloyd A Ballad of Cole Younger/Suqullay Yamanyawy How Like Ghosts Are We (Silk Purse Records)
Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie Loser No Regrets (DNA Records)
New Set
Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen with Priscilla Herdman The Lone Pilgrim Never Grow Old (Flying Fish)
Connie Dover Last Night by the River The Border of Heaven (Taylor Park Music)
Lawrence Laughing Water Life Now Our Hearts Are One (Silver Wave)
Arif Sag Bülböl ne Ötersin Gurbeti Ben Mi Yarattim (Kalan Music)
New Set
Axiom of Choice Raindrops, Memories of Pushkar Niya Yesh (Narada)