New and Recent Releases, Summer 2000

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 1, 2000
New and Recent Releases in Celtic Music

First set

Relativity, "Blackwell Court/Highland Laddie/Gillies' Taxis/The Double Rise," Gathering Pace, 6:39 Green Linnet

Second set

The Poozies, "Hey Now My Johnny Lad," Raise Your Head, 4:28 Compass

Eddi Reader, "Hummingbird," The Transatlantic Sessions, 3:35 Ceili Music

Catriona MacDonald, "The Tuddal Troll," Bold, 4:10 Compass

Third set

Teresa Doyle, "Home by Barna," World Playground, 2:47 Putumayo

Young Dubliners, "Bodhran," Red, 2:12 Omtown/Higher Octave Music

Catriona MacDonald, "Shetland Reels," Bold, 3:55 Compass

Tannas, "The Old Hag Set," Celtic Voices, 4:48 Green Linnet Records

Midway music

The Chieftains, "The Dusty Miller," Water from the Well, 5:02 BMG

Fourth set

Flora McNeil, "Toiseach na Traghad," Orain Floraidh, 2:07 Temple Records

Altan, "Eoghainin O Ragadain," Another Sky, 3:48 Narada/Virgin

Karan Casey, Intro & "The Cradle Song," Seal Maiden/A Celtic Musical, 3:42 Music for Little People

Fifth set

Fiddlesticks & Ivory, "Swashbuckling Iain," The San Francisco Collection, vol. 2, 4:38 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 1, 2000
New and Recent Releases in American Folk

First set

San Francisco Folk Music Club collage

Faith Petric, "Highway Hunter," When Did We Have Sauerkraut? 2:41 (self-produced)

Bruce Springsteen, "Ridin' in My Car," 'Til We Outnumber Them, 1:55 Righteous Babe

Victoria Williams, "Sunshine Country," Loose, 3:45 Mammoth Records

Second set

Bill Staines, "On the Road Again," October's Hill, 3:38 Rounder

Stan Rogers, "Song of the Candle," The Folkscene Collection, vol. 2, 6:49 Red House Records

Nick Drake, "Road," Hideous Kinky, 1:55 Stratosphere Entertainment

Helen Chaya, "Pink Sky," Over the Underpass, 3:55 Folk Diva

Third set

Wilco & Billy Bragg, "Feed of Man," Mermaid Avenue, vol. II, 4:05 Elektra

Richard Shindell, "The Confession," Somewhere Near Paterson, 5:14 Signature Sounds

Ben Demerath, "Rake", Jack of Fools, 4:07 Compass

Fourth set

Corey Harris, "Against the Law," Mermaid Avenue, vol. II, 3:00 Elektra

Edgar Meyer & Joshua Bell, "Hang Hang," Short Trip Home, 5:10 Sony Classical