Memorial Day 2000

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 27, 2000
Hour 1: Memorial Day

First set

June Tabor, "Rumours of War," Angel Tiger, 2:55 Green Linnet

Maddy Prior, "Boney/Scorched Earth," Ravenchild, 6:11 Park Records

General Humbert, "Napoleon's Retreat," General Humbert, 2:20 Dolphin Records

Second set

David Kincaid, "Paddy's Lamentation," The Irish Volunteer, 5:21 Rykodisc

The Chieftains, "The Irish March," The Year of the French, 1:26 Shanachie (fade out at 1:34)

David Kincaid, "Free and Green," The Irish Volunteer, 4:11 Rykodisc

John Spillane, "Johnny Don't Go," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 2, 2:37 Valley Entertainment

Midway music

Boiled in Lead, "Siege of Delhi," Orb, 4:29 Atomic Theory Records

Third set

Mary Black & De Danann, "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye," Anthem, 4:09 Dara

Richard Thompson, "Woods of Darney," You? Me? Us? 5:43 Capitol

Mary Black, "My Youngest Son Came Home Today," Mary Black Collected, 3:55 Dara


June Tabor, "No Man's Land/Flowers of the Forest," Ashes and Diamonds, 7:40 Green Linnet/Topic

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 27, 2000
Hour 2: Remembering Vietnam and Kent State

First set

Joni Mitchell, "The Fiddle and the Drum," Clouds, 2:45 Reprise

Phil Ochs, "One More Parade," All the News That's Fit to Sing, 3:20 Elektra/Rhino

Buffy St. Marie, "Universal Soldier," The Best of Buffy St. Marie, 2:15 Vanguard

Richie Havens, "Freedom," Resume: The Best of Richie Havens, 3:26 Rhino

Second set

Donovan, "The War Drags On," Like It Is, 3:40 Hickory Records

Tom Rapp, "Fourth Day of July," Stardancer, 4:55 Blue Thumb Records

Dick Gaughan, "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy," Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Songs of Pete Seeger, 4:52 Appleseed

The Doors, "Unknown Soldier," Waiting for the Sun, 3:10 Elektra

Third set

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, "Find the Cost of Freedom," So Far, 1:55 Atlantic

Kent State Collage/As It Happens 6:00

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, "Ohio," So Far, 3:00 Atlantic

Tim Buckley, "No Man Can Find the War," Goodbye and Hello, 2:58 Elektra

Mark Isham, "The Doors of Life Unveiled," The Steadfast Tin Soldier, 3:58 Windham Hill

Closing Set

Peter, Paul, & Mary, "The Great Mandala," Lifelines, 6:09 Warner Bros.

Priscilla Herdman, "Peace Must Come," Darkness into Night, 2:50 Flying Fish