Mother's Day 2000

Folk Music & Beyond for May 13, 2000
Hour 1: Celtic Songs for Mother's Day

First set

Chantan, "Witches' Reel," Primary Colours, 2:28 Culburnie Records

Moving Hearts, "The Storm," The Celtic Heartbeat Collection, 4:10 Atlantic

Second set

Liz Carroll, "Mrs. Carroll," Liz Carroll, 2:56 Green Linnet Records

Susan McKeown, "H-O-Abha-inn," Bushes and Briars, 3:55 Alula

Catherine Ann MacPhee, "O Hi Ri Lan" and Sorcha Ni Ghuairim, "Diga So Dowso," 4:03

Third set

Dolores Keane, "Aileen's Lament," Night Owl, 5:35 Alula

The Rankin Family, "Chi Mi Na Mhorbeanna," The Planet Sleeps, 3:50 Sony

Midway music


Fourth set

Maire Brennan, "Oro," Maire, 3:58 Atlantic

Eimear Quinn, "The Voice," Faire Celts, 3:01 Narada World

Susan McKeown, "Seothin Seo-h-o," Mother, 4:39 North Star Music

Fifth set

Sharon Burch, "First Cry," Touch the Sweet Earth, 3:15 Canyon Records

Susan McKeown, "Ancient Mother," Mother, 3:49 North Star Music

Dead Can Dance, "Bird," A Passage in Time, 5:00 Ryko

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 13, 2000
Hour 2: Mother's Day

First set

Laura Nyro, "To a Child," Live at the Bottom Line, 3:57 A&M/Cypress Records

Claudia Schmidt, "Grandma's Hands," New Goodbyes/Old Helloes, 2:06 Flying Fish

Alvin Youngblood Hart, "Big Mama's Door," Big Mama's Door, 3:50 OKeh Music

Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir, "Spiritual Medleys," Front Porch Music, 3:44 EarthBeat

Second set

Diane Taraz, "Raisin Pie," Shoes That Fit Like Sand, 4:18 BCN Records

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers, "Tree of Life," While We Live, 2:45 Red House Records

Si Kahn, "Grandma," Been A Long Time, 3:54 Sliced Bread Records

Tish Hinojosa, "Everything You Wish," Memorabilia Navideña, 2:43 Watermelon Records

Sharon Burch, "Yazzie Girl," Yazzie Girl, 4:29 Canyon Records

Third set

Cheryl Wheeler, "If It Were Up To Me," Sylvia Hotel, 3:08 Philo/Rounder

Ani diFranco, "To the Teeth," to the Teeth, 7:42 Righteous Babe Records

Fourth set

Judy Collins, "Bread and Roses," Forever, 3:06 Elektra

Sally Rogers, "Generations," Generations, 3:05 Flying Fish