Erica Wheeler Live, New Releases for Spring 2000

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 22, 2000
Hour 1: New Releases

First set

Aine Ui Cheallaigh, "Seoladh Na nGamhna," The Rough Guide to Irish Folk, 2:41 The World Music Network

Mary Jane Lamond, "The Drummer," Lan Duil, 3:25 Wicklow/BMG

Kila, "Where Did Ya Ride That Train, Joe?" Lemonade and Buns, 5:03 Green Linnet Records

Second set

Malinky, "The Light Dragoon," Last Leaves, 2:47 Greentrax Recordings

Connie Dover, "An Spailpin Fanach," The Border of Heaven, 3:25 Taylor Park Music

Laura Risk, "Galope de Jonquiere/Mrs. Mary MacDonald," The Merry Making, 3:57 Dorian

Shantalla, "P Stands for Paddy," Shantalla, 5:10 Green Linnet Records

Midway music

Natalie MacMaster, "Glad You Made It, Howie!" My Roots Are Showing, 6:39 Rounder

Third set

Eric Idle, "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life," 2:42 (live performance)

The Nields, "Jeremy Newborn Street," If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now, 3:34 Rounder/Zoe

Fourth set

Connie Dover, "I Am Going To The West," The Border of Heaven, 5:22 Taylor Park Music

Richard Shindell, "Spring," Somewhere Near Paterson, 5:05 Signature Sounds

Yo Yo Ma, Mark O'Connor, & Edgar Meyer, "Emily's Reel," Appalachian Journey, 2:48 Sony Classical

Closing Set

Dolores Keane, Emmylou Harris, & Mary Black, "The Grey Funnel Line," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 2, 3:46 Valley Entertainment

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 22, 2000
Hour 2: Erica Wheeler and New Releases Continued

1.) Erica Wheeler, "Onward From Here," Three Wishes, 3:26 Signature Sounds

2.) "Arrowheads" Live

3.) "Nowhere to Go" Live

4.) Erica Wheeler, "Beautiful Road," From That Far, 3:18 Blue Pie Music

5.) "Jack's Tavern" Live

6.) "Solace of a Prayer" Live

First set

Erica Wheeler, "Angeline," Three Wishes, 4:40 Signature Sounds

Richard Shindell, "Confession," Somewhere Near Paterson, 4:20 Signature Sounds

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, "Tanglewood Tree," Tanglewood Tree, 3:39 Signature Sounds

Second set

James Taylor, Yo Yo Ma, Mark O'Connor, & Edgar Meyer, "Hard Times Come Again No More," Appalachian Journey, 3:43 Sony Classical