The Irish Bouzouki and Songs to Say Hey! By

The program for March 25, 2000, was a multi-ethnic potpourri featuring a look back at the Irish bouzouki, songs to say Hey! by, and more:

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Colum Sands Goethe's Song All My Winding Journeys (Spring)
Dolores Keane Dangerous Dance Night Owl (Alula)
Seelyhoo Ghiulain Sinn Leetera (Greentrax)
New Set
Brian McNeill The Heron Unstrung Hero (FMS)
Howling at Ravens The Morning Thrush Lovely Molly (demo)
Old Blind Dogs The Ritual The World's Room (Green Linnet)
Music Under Announcements
Alasdair Fraser, director Jackson's Reel...,
The Tushkar...
Presenting the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers in Concert (s/p)
Sweeney's Men Rattlin' Roarin' Willie Time Was Never Here 1968–69 (Transatlantic/Demon)
Planxty Roger O'Hehir The Woman I Loved So Well (Tara)
Dervish There Was a Maid in Her Father's Garden Midsummer's Night (Kells)
Donal Lunny (Maighread Ní Dhomnaill, Triona Ní Dhomnaill) False Fly Coolfin (Metro Blue)
Andy Irvine Forgotten Hero, Pamela's Ruchenitsa/Gruncharisko Horo/Baker's Dozen Rain on the Roof (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Haris Alexiou Aman, Katerina Mou Ta Tsilika (Minos)
The Mollys Pride over Dollars/Miners Polka Hat Trick (Apolkalips Now)
The Reptile Palace Orchestra Frailoch Hwy X (Omnium)
Brave Combo In Heaven There Is No Beer Polkas for a Gloomy World (Rounder)
New Set
The Mollys The Man in Question Only a Story (Apolkalips Now)
Klezmatics Mizmor Shir Lehanef (Reefer Song) Possessed (Xenophile)
Vassilis Paiteris Two-Two Songs of Greece's Gypsies (FM)
Haris Alexiou Aeroplano Tha Paro Ta Tsilika (Minos)
Sotiria Bellou I Don't Believe in Friendship The Rembetika of... (Lyra)
New Set
Muzsikás and Márta Sebestyén Ha én Rósza Volnék (If I Were a Rose) Morning Star (Hannibal)
Kukuruza The Wanderer Crossing Borders (Sugar Hill)
Kaila Flexer Shepherd's Dream Next Village (Compass)