St. Patrick’s Day 2000, Pete Morton Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 18, 2000
Hour 1: St. Patrick's Day

First set

Danu, "Green Brooms/The Humours of Kill Clougher," Think Before You Think, 3:45 Shanachie

Gerry O'Connor, "Indian Storm," Myriad, 2:12 Myriad Media

Barzaz, "Koat-houarn ha Fanchig bihan," Kindred Spirits, 4:29 Green Linnet

Kila, "Lemonade and Buns," Lemonade and Buns, 5:51 Green Linnet

Second set

Dolores Keane, "New Deal," Night Owl, 2:50 Alula

John Spillane, "Johnny Don't Go To Ballincollig," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 2, 2:37 Valley Entertainment

Old Blind Dogs, "Soup of the Day," The World's Room, 4:03 Green Linnet

Midway music

Mad Pudding, "Hoedown," Grand Hotel, 4:42 Sliced Bread Records

Third set

Seosaimhin Ni Bheagloich, "Bheadh Buachallin Deas ag Sile," Kindred Spirits, 2:36 Green Linnet

Dougie MacLean, "3rd Movement, The Fair City," Perthshire Amber, 4:04 Dunkeld

Fourth set

Altan, "Eoghainn O Ragadain," Another Sky, 3:47 Virgin/Narada

Liz Carroll, "See It There/Con Cassidy's," Lost in the Loop, 4:06 Green Linnet

Fifth set

Dolores Keane, "The Night Owl (Homeward Turns)," Night Owl, 3:40 Alula

Vedran Smailovic/Tommy Sands, "Bembesa," Sarajevo to Belfast, 3:02 Appleseed Records


Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane, & Mary Black, "The Grey Funnel Line," Bringing It All Back Home, vol. 2, 3:46 Valley Entertainment

The second hour featured a live interview/performance with English singer-songwriter Pete Morton (all selections are by him):

"The Little Boy's Room," One Big Joke

"Madam or Sir" (live)

"Lincolnshire Poacher" (live)

"The Battle of Trafalgar" (live)

"Family Tree," Courage, Love, and Grace

"Keys to Love," Mad World Blues

"Another Train" (live)

"The Little Bike" (live)

"Katie," Mad World Blues