Birds of a Feather, Music from Scandinavia

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 22, 2000
Hour 1: Birds of a Feather

First set

Scartaglen, "Last Night's Fun," Last Night's Fun, 3:20 City Spark Records

Sharon Shannon, "Nine Pups," Mighty Session! 3:00 Kells Music

Second set

Puirt A Baroque, "Loch Ness," Celtic Colors of the World, 3:00 Colors of the World

Brian Peters, "The Spiral Staircase/The Squall/Royal Burlesque Hornpipe," The Beast in the Box, 3:04 Pugwash Music

Heather Heywood, "Sands O' The Shore," The Music & Song of Greentrax, 3:34 Greentrax

Midway music

Al Petteway & Amy White, "Riding The River," Racing Hearts, 3:50 Fairewood Studios

Third set

Emma Christian, "Little Red Bird," Celtic Music Live From Mountain Stage, 2:12 Blue Plate Music

Bert Jansch, "Twa Corbies," Moonshine, 2:57 Jansch Records

Maddy Prior, "The Company of Ravens," Ravenchild, 3:09 Park Records

Fairport Convention, "Crazy Man Michael," Liege and Lief, 4:37 A&M Records

Dougie MacLean, "The Osprey," Fiddle, 4:50 Dunkeld

Fourth set

June Tabor, "The King of Rome," Aqaba, 3:49 Topic

Les Barker, "The Phoenix," Up The Creek Without A Poodle, 2:04 Mrs. Ackroyd's Records

Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, "Chasing The Storm," Calling on Love, 6:32 Freewheel Records


Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle, "The Night Owl Homeward Turns," Of Moor and Mesa, 3:26 Green Linnet Records

Folk Music & Beyond for January 22, 2000
Hour 2: Music from Scandinavia

First set

Swap, "Strayaway Child," Swap, 2:51 Northside Music

Rosenberg 7, "No One Is Dearer To Me," R7, 3:07 Northside Music

Vasen, "Reel Carrowkeel," Gront, 4:22 Northside Music

Second set

Groupa, "Ludgo Johan," Lavalek, 4:40 Northside Music

Rosenberg 7, "To Hire A Maid," R7, 3:08 Northside Music

Bukkene Bruse, "The Stone Chair," The Stone Chair, 2:19 Northside Music

Kepa Junkera & Hedningarna, "Bok-Espok," Bilbao 0:00h, 4:26 Alula

Third set

Garmarna, "Euchari," Vengeance, 4:22 Northside Music

Vasen, "Svampmannen," Gront, 6:32 Northside Music

Fourth set

Per Gudmundson, Ale Moller, & Lena Willemark, "Abba Fader," Frifot, 2:29 ECM

Troka, "Sprout," Smash, 4:40 Northside Music


Bask, "Hebyhalling," Bask, 2:50 Northside Music